Focus Day

Our first Focus Days of this academic year are on 7 sessions over Thursday 4th November and Friday 5th November.  These are our enrichment sessions where we move away from the usual lessons and deliver a range of workshops that are designed to shape our students’ future successes as well as equipping them with skills to help them stay safe in with wider world. After a difficult year, we are pleased to welcome a range of outside providers delivering either online or in school (following our safety guidance) activities.   A member of staff will be with students in all of our sessions including supporting our visitors. We are also very proud to announce that this will be an opportunity for our new Peer Mentor and Youth Health Champion teams to research, design and deliver full lessons on healthy lifestyles and well-being. Students are asked to:  come in their uniform; bring their usual writing equipment and drinks, etc; and their usual equipment for lessons 3-5 on the Friday.   Break, lunch and end of school arrangements will stay the same for all students. Topics being delivered include:

Year 7 Transition:  Hopes and Fears; Safe travel to school;  online safety;  our anti-bullying message; and healthy lifestyles.
Year 8 Diversity in our community; our anti-bullying message; Options for GCSEs; Extremism;  and having a say (student voice).
Year 9 Diversity in our community; our anti-bullying message; consent and dealing with peer pressure; the consequences of sharing sexualised imagery; consent and developing a party survival kit; careers and successful futures.
Year 10 Student Voice: Speak Out workshops; understanding fake news; and recognising their skills for their future careers start now.
Year 11 Preparation for the workplace (delivered by Enterprise in the Education).  Students will learn about applying for employment; first impressions; interview techniques; and apprenticeships.  Students will all be attending a mock formal interview to prepare them for both college and the workplace.
  We are sure you will agree that these days are vital to the well-being and enrichment of our students for now and their future pathways. Parents and carers are asked to contact the relevant tutor should there be any concerns with these topics.  In the past this has included someone who was recently involved in a road accident and they were concerned about seeing something that would trigger a negative response.  Be assured, we are delivering age relevant material to suit our groups and on this particular day there is very little that should be of concern.

Date November 4, 2021

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