Hot Weather – 18th & 19th July 2022

Dear Parents/carers

The end of term has been very busy with some very enjoyable events, including the Charities week stalls and competitions, Sports day and a fabulous Dance and Drama showcase.  Today  we have our Awards afternoon. Pictures from  these activities will appear in our end of term newsletter.

Whilst the warm weather was very much appreciated last Friday by the staff who were pelted with wet sponges for charity, the extreme heat forecast for next week will be less welcome. Students do not need to wear blazers when it is so hot and we can dispense with ties for the last 3 days.  Please ensure your child has a water bottle. There is shade around the site and usually a breeze on the field. Sun cream may be advisable on faces, if students plan to be out and about at break and lunch. They can bring a sensible sun hat for break and lunch if they wish.


Mrs. Morris