Technology & Vocational

Head of Department: Mr Giddings (Resistant Materials and Tech.)

Department Staff
Miss Blackford - Teacher of Food and Life Skills
Mr Collar (Technology Technician)
Mrs French - Graphics, Resistant Materials and Tech. 
Mrs Hunt (Textiles Technology and Food Technician)
Mr Le May - Vocational Instructor
Mrs Sinclair (Director of Operations) - Teacher of Food
Miss Whitehouse - Textiles Technology and Tech.

Through the promotion of creative thinking, Design and Technology students at Manningtree High School will use an iterative design approach, acquiring both hand and computer aided drawing skills.

By completing a series of design and make projects, they will widen their understanding of a variety of materials and manufacturing processes, whilst developing an awareness of the current social and environmental impacts that Design and Technology has during a product’s entire lifecycle.

Students will learn about types, sources and properties of a variety of materials.  They will understand how to identify and fulfil client needs to ensure design of a successful and marketable product.  Students will apply investigation strategies, to inform the development of their own designs.  Innovative design strategies will be adopted to ensure their product is fit for purpose.  Through application, they will learn a range of processes used to manufacture products as scale models or working prototypes.  They will develop analytical and evaluative skills and be confident enough to self-reflect, which leads to further exploration of ideas.

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