January 2022 Start Of Term Arrangements

Dear Parents/Carers
This letter sets out the arrangement for the start term in January 2022. The tables at the end of this letter list the arrival times for each tutor group. Students should head to the sports halls at the time indicated. They will be registered and then take their tests in the small sports hall. Students will then wait in the large sports hall until their negative result is confirmed and then they will go to their lessons. They will be in school as usual from that point onwards.

If your child can only arrive at the start of the day because they are reliant on the school bus, they should come to school on the same day as the rest of their year group. They should head straight to the canteen immediately on arrival. If your child is due back on Wednesday or Thursday but is unwell, they too should go to the canteen for a test on the Thursday or Friday morning.
It would be very helpful if your child could test at home the night or morning before coming to school as many will be mixing with other students even before they are tested – on the bus, as they gather to be registered, etc.

Students who have HAD Covid will be required to test, even if it was less than 90 days ago.
If your child is not being tested, they should arrive at the time given for their tutor group and still go to the sports hall. They will be registered there before being directed to go to their class. For now, we will assume that face coverings will need to be worn.

We hold consent forms from last year for most students but not for those who have joined us recently. Please can parents/carers of in year transfer students complete and return a form before the end of term.

There will of course be some disruption to PE lessons during the testing period but please send your child with their PE kit if it is on their timetable.
Lessons will be set via Google Classroom for years 10, 9 and 8 on Wednesday and for year 8 on Thursday as well.
Please do contact us if you have any queries.

Yours sincerely
Mrs. Morris