GCSE Exam Results 2022

 We are proud to report that our year 11 did really well in their GCSE exams this summer. There were many individual successes and their qualifications have taken them on to the sixth form and college courses of their choice.

Here are some key statistics from the Summer 2022 GCSE series:

88% of MHS students got at least one grade 4 or higher in English Language or Literature or both. (National figure around 77%) and 72% of our students achieved at least one grade 5 or higher.

78%  of the year 11 achieved at least a grade 4 in Maths (National figure 65%) and 59% achieved a grade 5 or above.

 Average attainment 8 (GCSE grade) was 5.3

 27% of all grades were 7, 8 or 9.

 In time the figure called ‘Progress 8’ will be generated by the government and we will publish this. The Progress 8 measure was originally designed to allow comparisons between schools but in fact it is very sensitive to factors such as students taking a GCSE a year early, at the end of year 10, or doing one fewer GCSE qualification than their peers, or taking vocational qualifications that might be very useful for that student but don’t count towards the figure.

 Parents/carers looking to choose a school for their child are recommended to use first hand data: to visit schools during their normal working day.