P.S.H.E. (Personal, Social, Health Education) is an interactive and dynamic part of life at Manningtree High School. Delivered regularly across the school during registration, it is often the starting point for the engaging activities that provide a wider learning experience on Focus Days. Through a diversity of activities including: group discussions; practical workshops, independent research; specially selected guest facilitators; quizzes; and much more, students are encouraged to explore how they can use their emerging knowledge and understanding to develop the relevant skills to be successful in their own lives as well as contributing to the wider community.

P.S.H.E.  Programme of Study     KEY STAGES 3-4 


This programme of study has been designed with the guidance of The P.S.H.E. Association so that we are confident that we have a robust pathway for our students.  

This programme adopts the P.S.H.E. Association’s ‘competencies-based approach’ and builds on skill under the three headings (one for each term):  independence and Aspirations; Autonomy and Advocacy; and Choices and Influences. 


The following content grids take onboard the  Department for Education’s  statutory guidance on Relationships Education, RSE and Health education and covers all of the statutory requirements for  each year group, within a comprehensive PSHE education programme.  

The programme is subject to regular review and change to suit the needs of our students in our school community.   


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To suit our school community needs, the sessions are subject to timings change through the year.   For example, to suit Focus Day outside facilitator availability and interleaving in accordance with Principles for Learning.

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