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Charities Week 2017

Now that December is here our thoughts inevitably turn towards…  Charities Week. Students will be choosing charities to support and then devising creative ways to raise funds for those good causes.

Charities Week begins on 11th December, with most of the activities happening at lunchtimes. This is the one week of the year when we do encourage students to bring in cash, for buying from stalls or paying for entrance to events.
Parents often get involved too, sometimes helping with the manufacture of goods to sell or helping their child organise an event or even lending their own entrepreneurial ideas for the £10 challenge.

Last year we donated over £7,000 to charities large and small. I hope we can raise a similarly impressive total this year.

Christmas 2017

Last day of Autumn term and bus arrangements:

Last day of school is Tuesday 19th December 2017 and the first day back from the Christmas holiday break is Wednesday 3rd January 2018 (WEEK A)

School will finish at 2pm on Tuesday 19th December 2017. All contract buses will be leaving school at 2pm. Any students who catch the 104 bus to Colchester can sign out at 1:35pm. Any students that normally catch the 104 bus to Harwich need to register with their tutor as normal and ask to be excused at 1.50pm to catch their bus.

All other students will leave at 2pm.

Wishing all of our parents, carers and students a very Merry Christmas!

Manningtree High School GCSE Results 2017

Our Manningtree students have risen to the challenge of the GCSEs, new and old. The proportion of students getting top grades has risen significantly this year. As last year, there was success in Maths with 14 students out of a year group of 146 gaining the coveted new Grade 9. Demonstrating that the talent was not concentrated in a few individuals, an incredible 91% of the students gained A*-C grades in at least 2 Science GCSEs and more than three quarters of the students taking GCSE RE gained an A or A*. The performance of the History candidates was also very impressive, with 39 out of the 87 students who took History getting A or A* - that’s 45% of the entries.

The introduction of the new GCSEs with their different grading system makes it impossible to quote the same headline statistics we have used in the past, but even so the results do show that progress and attainment this year have risen, across the whole ability range.

24 year 8 students also had GCSE results to collect. They had taken a short course GCSE in Citizenship studies. Ten of these 13 year old students gained A or A*.

The 2017 summer exam season saw students sitting the new Grade 9-1 GCSEs for the first time in Maths and English. Staff worked incredibly hard to prepare students for examinations that no one had sat or seen.

The Maths and English GCSEs were new exams with different content and exam paper styles. The new 9-1 numerical grades do not map across in a simple way to the A*-G grades, but as a rough guide a grade 9 is higher than an A* and a grade 4 is similar to a C grade.

The 9-1 grades that students have achieved in Maths and English and the A*-G grades for their other subjects will be used by the Department of Education to calculate Attainment 8 and Progress 8 figures for all schools. These will be available sometime in the autumn term. 



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