Admissions Arrangements

Admission into Year 7 – September 2021:

If your child is in Year 6 in September 2020, you can apply for a secondary school place between mid September and 31 October 2020. Applications should be made through the local Authority.

Admissions are administered for us by the local Authority. Information about the process and details of how to appeal can be found on the Essex County Council website.

Applying Mid-Year for a School Place at Manningtree High School:

If your child is already at a secondary school and you wish to consider transferring them to Manningtree High School, please contact the PA to Headteacher, who will be happy to explain the procedure you need to follow and place availability. You will need to complete a Mid-Year Admission Form for a Secondary School place, which can be obtained via the link below:

Further details on admissions can be found at: