School Development

School Development 2022-23


Our targets, objectives and actions for this year are linked to the following goals:

•   Attendance to remain well above national averages. Attendance of disadvantaged students to improve.
•   Student attainment to remain well above national averages: student progress to be above average.
•   Students’ literacy and vocabulary improve. This will support success in exams and beyond.
•   All students have opportunities to develop leadership roles and experience extra curricular activities.

Curriculum development objectives this year focus on the acquisition of language skills and closing the gap between the progress of disadvantaged students and non disadvantaged.

Teaching and Learning development objectives this year focus on developing subject specific staff training, engaging with research, continuing to apply our Principles for Learning and on supporting the development of language skills in all students, including those with SEN.

Behaviour, welfare and attendance development objectives this year focus on supporting students to develop study and leadership skills and dealing with any incidences of poor attendance or punctuality.

School premises priorities are:
•   Big sports hall: Replacing the roof and cladding. Replacing floor.
•   Planning for a second Catering teaching room.