House Point totals as of the 22nd May 2020 are:

Emerald 2842 points
Ruby 2932 points
Sapphire 2944 points

How close!! Ruby and Emerald are fighting back from being over 400 points before lockdown. Now there are only 12 points which separate Ruby and Sapphire, and Emerald are not far behind either and going strong!

Core Values

The House system is designed to embody the values and ethos of the school and aims to be an integral part of our school community. Our aims are to provide every student in each house the following:

  • High expectations of and ambition for our students and our staff
  • A sense of belonging to, gaining from and contributing to a community
  • Honesty, fairness and integrity in all our relationships and dealings
  • Inclusivity, tolerance and mutual respect allowing students and staff to flourish    
  • Kindness, politeness and honourable behaviour

House Organisation

Each tutor group is assigned to one of the three houses: Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire.  
Each member of staff is also attached to a house.
One designated Year 11 House Captain who will act as representatives for all the students in their house throughout the year by: helping co-ordinate teams, organise competitions and events and represent their house in assemblies.

Earning House Points

Students will be awarded house points for taking part in house competitions, with more points going to those finishing third, second and first place. Throughout the school year there will be opportunities for students to take part in many competitions and annual events such as half-termly departmental/subject competitions and charities week.  Students can also gain points for their house through their efforts in lessons and any achievement points earned will be added to house totals.

Home Learning House Points - Update

What has happened so far…
House Quiz
There are still many entries into the house quiz, so well done to all of those that are getting involved. The scores for the House Quiz since lockdown are as follows:
Ruby 965
Emerald 1140
Sapphire 615
Well done Emerald. Lots of valuable points being earnt here which is helping you catch up. Special mention to the following students (and staff) who have completed nearly all of the quizzes since the start. You have all been awarded extra points for your house:
Scarlett Dalton (Ruby)
Matthew Gleadell (Ruby)
Alice Sewell (Ruby)
Maisy Sewell (Ruby)
Eleanor Newman (Emerald)
Leah Banks (Emerald)
Scarlett Buckland (Emerald)
Cory Long (Emerald)
Mrs Bateman (Ruby)
Mr Rowe (Emerald)
Mrs Howlett (Emerald)
Mrs Hullett (Emerald)
Weekly House Competition
Each week three short challenges have been set for you to complete. Well done for those who have got involved in this. The scores are so close and every point counts so those who have submitted entries are really helping their house. The scores for the events are as follows:
Ruby 400
Emerald 300
Sapphire 260
Well done Ruby. Putting even more pressure on Sapphire!
Drama Monologue Competition
The Drama Department held a monologue competition and were very impressed with the entries they received. The winners for this are:
1st place - Ethan Omar - 100 house points for Emerald!
Fabulous monologue about finding his awful science teacher doing unsanctioned after school experiments, brilliant exposition of characters and setting a build up and resolution.
2nd place - Eleanor Davidson - 50 house points for Sapphire!
Moving story of a girl sitting in her favourite spot reflecting on her life since leaving care, wonderful rich description and full character.
2nd / 2nd place Matthew Gleadell - 50 house points for Ruby!
A shopkeeper stops then helps a shoplifter, great character story and socially conscientious piece.
3rd place - Issy Tarrier - 25 house points for Sapphire!
Mother and child's relationship through a very challenging time, interesting use of conventions and in depth character development.
History VE Day competition
It was good to see students getting involved in VE Day on the 8th May and sending in their photos of how they celebrated the event. Well done to those that entered. The points winners and scores for each house were as follows:
Poppy Joyce - 25 points for Ruby
Emerald – 25 points
Karis Powell - 25 points for Sapphire

Upcoming Events - Get involved to win points for your house

  • The latest Geography photo competition based on the theme of lockdown
  • The History department will be releasing a 'History Heroes' research competition
  • The PE department are organising a virtual stadium tour
  • The weekly House Quiz and House Challenges

These will be promoted to you soon so keep your eyes peeled. It will soon be the last half term, and as the scores are so close it could all be down to the last 7 weeks to see if Ruby can pull it back and retain their House Champion status or if there will be crowned a new winner!

Download the House results so far (using the links below), for all previous event results

Speak to Mr Kelcher or Mrs Hemingway for any House questions/issues or use the email address

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